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Accounting Services


Need help evaluating your finances or business goals? Not sure if you’re in the right position to make a major financial move? Perhaps, you’re hoping to vie for a sizable loan to grow your company. No matter the issue, we’re here to help. Our accountants serve as advisors that help you make key financial decisions, day-to-day or big picture. It is Miller & Company’s goal to ensure that your business operates efficiently.

We can save you time and ensure accuracy by overseeing accounting tasks on your behalf. Ask about our full range of cost-effective accounting solutions, including:


Gain the confidence of loan agents and investors with the highest level of assurance. It’s best to have an audit performed before you make a large financial commitment. We will issue a report that details the fairness and accurateness of your financial statements and uncovers any potential weaknesses in your business processes.


A review is not as thorough as an audit, but we can look at key relationships in your finances for limited assurance. A review gives potential lenders or investors a basic level of assurance on your financial statements. This is appropriate for growing businesses seeking financing or for business owners evaluating strategic decisions.


Your financial statements are reviewed in a limited scope with no assurance recommendation. Our firm will not audit or review your financial statements to verify their accuracy or pinpoint any weaknesses in business processes. A compilation is used during the initial stages of financing, or when lower amounts are needed. It’s also utilized if you are presenting significant collateral.

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Our CPAs are here to help you with bookkeeping and controller services and other accounting solutions. Don’t take on the task of accounting alone. Let us help. Contact Us to learn more about how Miller & Company can be of service to your business.